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Retrofit any make and model of fixed speed air compressor with variable speed/frequency drive cabinet complete with VSD-R PID controller.


The variable speed/frequency drive is located adjacent to the air compressor/drive motor. The VSD-R “PID‟ controller is housed in a separate wall mounted enclosure


The VSD-R controller & variable speed/frequency drive will control the speed of an air compressor’s main motor in response to pressure variations (demand).


The VSD-R controller, variable speed/frequency drive and air compressor combination can function as a “stand-alone‟ variable speed drive air compressor “unit‟ or operate in conjunction with the system control products.


The VSD-R controller performs all pressure regulation functions (including internal ΔP) and controls the air compressor using load/unload commands. This is achieved by integration of the compressor unit’s pressure switch with an “i-PCB‟ or using the compressor controller’s remote load/unload input. The air compressor control system will respond in an identical manner as if the VSD-R controller was a remote regulation/system control unit.


In addition to drive output current, voltage & frequency, the VSD-R controller monitors the temperature of the motor casing or motor cooling air outlet during operation and limits minimum speed for enhanced motor protection.


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  Fixed Speed Compressor Retrofit VSD